Singapore biggest prawning facility

Prawn fishing could be very exciting to a newbie or it could be a very relaxing activity for busy Singaporeans. To make things even better, a few drinks with barbecued prawns will make prawn fishing even more alluring.

Prawn fishing is also a much loved pastime for family gatherings where family bonds are further strengthened. Laughter and similes are the greatest proofs to this sport is success among Singaporeans throughout her history.

HAI BIN U Enterprise Pte Ltd
HAI BIN B Enterprise Pte Ltd

603 Sin Ming Avenue

Hai Bin Prawning (Bishan) – Notice of Cessation

Dear Valued Customers, With deep regret, we would wish to inform you that, Hai Bin Prawning (Bishan) will have to shut down its operations after 6 years due to a sharp increase in rental, a staggering 300% which has made it impossible for us to continue. *We look forward to your continued support at our other branches in Hai Bin Punggol & Hai Bin Jurong.

HAI BIN J Enterprise Pte Ltd

241 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, The Village,
Singapore 629143   Tel: 6265 2598
Bus: 194, 251

Hai Bin Jurong is located at 241 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim,The Village directly facing opposite the Jurong Bird Park. Open 24 hours a day, with a beer garden for relaxation and chilling out with families and buddies. Pool tables are available for rental at, $2 per game

HAI BIN P Enterprise Pte Ltd

6 Tebing Lane #01-04
Singapore 828835   Tel: 6447 8693
Bus: 3, 83, 85, 50

Hai Bin Punggol which operates on a vast area of, 15,000sq ft, establish our third outlet early 2012. Overlooking the beautiful scenic lake-view surrounding it. Visitors to HBP will clearly enjoy the rich fresh ambience. There are 3 prawning ponds and 1 Nelayan Pro fishing pond. Banyan Beer Garden by Hai Bin is also located beside our ponds for guests to chill, coupled with a large LCD flat screen TV to watch soccer ‘live’ while having finger foods and beer.